With its unique 360° rotating metal shell, the capless Twister Flash Drive can be branded with your logo on both sides. Easily attach it to a set of keys or neckstrap thanks to the keyring we provide as standard. The Twister is the older brother to our Twister Go model, which features dual USB connectors.

Twister USB Flash Drive

Branded with your logo in 6 days

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Or we can Pantone match the shell to a colour of your choice for 250+ units. Learn more

Where plastic is used for non-visible internal parts, these materials come from 100% recycled sources

RoHS This product fully conforms to RoHS Directive (EU Restriction of hazardous substances). View Certificate

Laser Engraving

Area Front: 24.5mm X 13mm
Area Back: 24.5mm X 13mm

Screen Printing

Area Front: 24.5mm X 14mm
Area Back: 24.5mm X 14mm

Branding Area designated by
Length: 51mm (2.01 inches)
Width: 19mm (0.75 inches)
Height: 9.2mm (0.36 inches)
Weight: 12.06 grams (0.43 Ounces)

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25R133,68 inc VATR138,37 inc VATR148,73 inc VATR164,43 inc VATR197,28 inc VATR264,93 inc VATR487,13 inc VAT
50R104,42 inc VATR108,08 inc VATR115,32 inc VATR128,18 inc VATR154,55 inc VATR220,90 inc VATR443,11 inc VAT
100R83,54 inc VATR86,42 inc VATR93,81 inc VATR107,30 inc VATR132,38 inc VATR197,44 inc VATR419,65 inc VAT
250R74,06 inc VATR75,51 inc VATR81,47 inc VATR94,32 inc VATR119,28 inc VATR183,03 inc VATR405,24 inc VAT
500R67,16 inc VATR67,98 inc VATR74,58 inc VATR87,55 inc VATR111,99 inc VATR175,75 inc VATR397,96 inc VAT
1000R59,33 inc VATR61,56 inc VATR67,52 inc VATR80,37 inc VATR104,55 inc VATR167,01 inc VATR389,22 inc VAT
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Quantity 2GB4GB8GB16GB32GB64GB128GB
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25R116,24 ex VATR120,32 ex VATR129,33 ex VATR142,98 ex VATR171,55 ex VATR230,37 ex VATR423,59 ex VAT
50R90,80 ex VATR93,98 ex VATR100,28 ex VATR111,46 ex VATR134,39 ex VATR192,09 ex VATR385,31 ex VAT
100R72,64 ex VATR75,15 ex VATR81,57 ex VATR93,30 ex VATR115,11 ex VATR171,69 ex VATR364,91 ex VAT
250R64,40 ex VATR65,66 ex VATR70,84 ex VATR82,02 ex VATR103,72 ex VATR159,16 ex VATR352,38 ex VAT
500R58,40 ex VATR59,11 ex VATR64,85 ex VATR76,13 ex VATR97,38 ex VATR152,83 ex VATR346,05 ex VAT
1000R51,59 ex VATR53,53 ex VATR58,71 ex VATR69,89 ex VATR90,91 ex VATR145,23 ex VATR338,45 ex VAT
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Prices shown are per unit and include logo branding